3 Best Places for Paragliding in Kerala

In recent years, Kerala, one of the most beautiful places on earth known for its coconut tree-lined coastline, tranquil beaches, captivating backwaters, majestic Western Ghats mountain ranges, and mouthwatering Malayali cuisine, has become a popular paragliding destination worldwide. The three places in Kerala where one can fly high like a hen and take in the aerial beauty of Kerala are Vagamon, Munnar, and Varkala. If high heights are your thing, try paragliding in Kerala.

Kerala’s 3 Best Paragliding Spots

Kerala is one of the suitable possibilities if tandem paragliding is what you’re looking for in India. Kerala offers tandem paragliding, which allows you to enjoy paragliding while being supervised by a trained tandem paraglider pilot who will handle your launch, flight, and touchdown. Tandem paragliding is the ideal option for you if you are inexperienced.

Here is an excellent selection of paragliding locations in Kerala that you should see before leaving for your holiday. Keep reading and studying by scrolling down!

Vagamon paragliding


Vagamon is a high-altitude destination in the God’s own United States that is situated on the boundary of the Keralan districts of Idukki and Kottayam. This charming hill town is surrounded by lush tea farms, majestic waterfalls, thick pine forests, and beautiful meadows. The picturesque Vagamon region has long been a favourite of trekkers, and paragliding is a recent addition to this popular destination. Paragliding at Vagamon allows you to take in this area’s unrivalled greenery and beautiful landscapes. Paragliding at Vagamon gives you a bird’s eye perspective of the amazing valley below when you’re high in the air through the clouds and mist. The paragliding conditions in Vagamon, Kerala, are quite unique because you take off and land in the same spot.

The best time to paraglide in Vagamon is during the cooler months from October to February, when daytime highs hover around 20 degrees Celsius and overnight lows are chilly. Winter is the greatest time to paraglide in Vagamon because there is less chance of precipitation during these months. The second ideal time is during the spring months of March and May. The days are often around 30 degrees Celsius throughout these months, while the nights are wonderful with lows of 23 degrees Celsius. At some point throughout this time of the year, Vagamon’s sky are usually clear and blue.

Paragliding is suitable for people of the following ages

Paragliding is available at Vagamon for those who are physically fit and between the ages of 14 and 80.


Munnar, a city in Kerala’s Idukki district, is set on the Kannan Devan Hills amid the Western Ghats mountain ranges, 1600 metres above mean sea level. This peaceful little town of Munnar is a popular destination for thrill-seekers who want to fly high and take in the beauty of the verdant countryside below. In this area, paragliding has recently begun because to favourable wind conditions and thermal soaring. After participating in an exhilarating paragliding session, the landing is typically near to the Munnar Engineering College. Paragliding begins in Chithirapuram.

Paragliding in Munnar is best during the following times:

Paragliding in Munnar is best during the following times

The best time to go paragliding in Munnar is between the months of October and February, when the average daily temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. With temperatures dropping to single digit figures, the nights are bone-chillingly bloodless. Since there is almost any rainfall during these months, Munnar’s dry season is ideal for paragliding. The summer season, which runs from March through May, is the second wonderful time. The days are always below 30 degrees Celsius throughout these months, while the nights are wonderful with lows of up to 23 degrees Celsius. Rainfall in the summer is infrequent, thus paragliding operations can be enjoyed far into May. Heavy rain falls on Munnar from Paragliding facilities are still closed from June through September for safety reasons.

Age restrict for paragliding in Munnar

Paragliding is available in Munnar for those aged 14 to 60 who are physically fit.

Tips for Munnar paragliding

Varkala paragliding


An exceptional tropical beach city close to Trivandrum is Varkala. Paragliding in a seaside city is a welcome change from the traditional practise of excessive mountain flying. This coastal paragliding resort was once a helipad at the North Cliff, and when the pilot soars you above the Arabian Sea’s azure waters, you will glide back to the helipad or, on occasion, to the beach.

When is the best time to paraglide in Varkala?

Mid-December to the end of March is the best time of year to fly off the cliffs of Varkala since the weather is ideal, there is no rain, thermal soaring, and the wind conditions are ideal for paragliding. However, from October until the end of April, you can try paragliding if there are favourable wind conditions.


Tips for paragliding at Varkala: Always follow your pilot’s instructions while flying in tandem.
Wear cosy clothing and supportive footwear.
Don’t panic right now.

We bet you can already picture yourself soaring like an eagle over Kerala, the place that God himself created. cochin airport cab can help you schedule a trip outside of Kerala so you can enjoy paragliding there while breathing in the fresh mountain air. Give your imagination a tangible form!