There are coveted forest area inns in Kerala because of the state’s extensive coastline, palm-lined beaches, blue backwaters, and a built network of canals.
Wooden houses called “tree homes” are built on trees. With the exception of a single nail, tree homes have been constructed using eco-friendly materials including coir matting, bamboo poles, hay straws, stay bushes, etc.

In Kerala, a tree house is called an ‘Erumadam

In Kerala, tree houses are built over tall, robust bushes that gaze out over the forests. The tree homes have historically been utilised by hunters and indigenous peoples to hide from wild animals. For tourists visiting Kerala, several hotels provide comfortable lodgings in tree huts.
The construction of tree house resorts in Kerala makes use of environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, coir products, wood, etc.

The tree house in most Kerala

Most hotels in Kerala have true tree houses instead of boring log cabins on stilts for their tree house. Without driving any nails into the tree, it is entirely composed of boards and bamboo. Everything is connected together and holds really well.
The tourist destinations in Kerala that are well-known for their tree house resorts are Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad, and Athirappilly.
Kerala’s Top Tree House Resorts
A list of Kerala’s finest woodland hotels that offer opulent, tranquil, and peaceful lodging in the midst of nature has been produced by us.

Hotel Nature Zone in Munnar

One of Kerala’s premier resorts in a wooded location, Nature Zone Resort offers a fusion of the outdoors and wildlife.
On a picturesque hillside in Munnar, the Nature Zone Motel is situated at a height of 6000 metres above mean sea level and offers opulent bamboo tree bungalows with breathtaking views.

One can enjoy a leisurely ride while strolling through the tea gardens near the motel and taking in the several estates. While taking a nature stroll around the inn, guests can smell various wildflowers, spices, and healing herbs. The group will enjoy a wonderful journey while enjoying the cuisine from Kerala that is offered at the restaurant.
The Tree House is situated in a 25-acre Jungle Park where guests are provided with top-notch lodging and dining while being surrounded by jungle. There are no other hotels or commercial establishments nearby. The entire property is honestly kept in an eco-friendly manner. There are no concrete buildings here, the site hasn’t even been cleared for construction, the Tree Houses haven’t even been started, and even the plastering of the walls is done with clay.

visitors must come in with a dedication to nature

tree house

Therefore, visitors must arrive with a commitment to nature. All transports to and from Tree House will only be made between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM due to the presence of the natural world in the surrounding jungle.
With the help of trained security personnel and electrical fencing, guests and the motel are entirely protected. Friends may be required to bring their cameras and binoculars if you are staying in the tree mansion because you will be at one of the most scenic locations in all of South India.

We have identified more than 30 kinds of birds inside the jungle resort, including the Nilgiri Pipits, for those who are serious about birding (one of the endemic species).
The guests will be asked to participate in a campfire at night.
When Munnar is covered in thick green foliage and the monsoon season is in full swing (June to September), it is the ideal time to visit.

In Munnar, there is a nature resort called Ela Ecoland

The popular Kerala tree house hotel Ela Ecoland Nature Resort in Munnar is surrounded by cardamom and espresso plants.
The first tree house in Munnar is Ela Ecoland Nature Hotel, which offers upscale tree house services amidst a serene forested region close to Munnar.
Ela Ecoland is a true piece of nature and offers much more for the friends visiting Munnar than any hotel should.
The lodge is hidden in dense forest, with the Kallar River running across the property.
Yes, this is the location where you may sleep soundly while admiring the silence of nature and wake up to the sound of waterfalls; it’s the perfect retreat for guests who wish to spend time in close proximity to Mother Nature.

The magnificent tree houses in this location are created in a way that makes guests feel at peace the moment they enter. A restaurant called Mannu, which in Malayalam means “dirt,” serves authentic Keralan cuisine.
Everyone in the group of friends is urged to go to the restaurant for dinner.
These tree houses, which are perched atop five towering trees, have been carefully constructed to provide the highest comfort.
The bamboo-built tree houses have wood floors and are positioned around 30 feet above ground level.
Each room has a balcony, attached bathrooms, and a size of around 120 square feet.

The balconies in the homes offer breathtaking views of the local flora and fauna, waterfalls, and Kallar River.
The motel also offers a variety of activities for the group, including local hikes, off-road jeep safaris, tours of tea factories, jeep treks to the neighbouring Virippara waterfalls, trips to tribal villages, etc.

Tree house in Munnar called Kaivalyam

The most relaxing woods inn in Kerala is the Kaivalayam Retreat Tree House in Munnar, which is surrounded by serene scenery and draws tourists there.
A unique hotel known for its guest friendliness, good natural food, and additional recreational amenities is Kaivalyam Reflex Tree House, which is located in the middle of the woods. This inn places a strong emphasis on providing a holistic retreat for the tourists’ bodies and minds.

While staying here, the friends are persuaded to look into holistic lifestyles, yoga, and a natural way of life.
The property is surrounded by a lot of flora, which creates the ideal atmosphere for embracing a natural lifestyle.
The owner and staff treat the guests with the utmost hospitality, which makes it the ideal location for families as well.
The balconies of the apartments offer scenic views of the neighbouring mountains, valleys, and tea plantations. The rooms are furnished with comfortable bedding, modern showers with warm water, LED TVs, telephones, tea kettles, etc.
The restaurant is a laid-back home where friends may interact with one another more easily.
The motel also features a juice/coffee counter and a 24-hour front desk.

The food supplied at the motel is primarily vegetarian and comparable to home-cooked fare, with a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s preferences. Dishes are prepared with fresh local vegetables from markets.

Tree house Jungle Jive in Munnar

A rustic retreat hidden within 15 acres of dense plantations of coffee, cardamom, pepper, and tea is the Jungle Jive tree home. The property is located approximately 17 miles from Munnar and 99 km from Cochin International Airport.
The best tree house resort in Kerala is able to give a supply to the best tree houses worldwide.
The area around Jungle Jive Tree House is a fantastic hideaway for travellers, groups of friends, honeymooning couples, as well as families looking for a getaway retreat.
Two testimonies of the tree house rooms are tastefully furnished to provide a comfortable stay for the weary guest.
Every room has a balcony with seating area where one may unwind and breathe in the

The building has a backyard, and a thick canopy of towering trees covers the entire area. At the owner’s house, which is near to the tree house, fresh home-cooked food is offered. It’s a family-run business, the tree house.

At some point throughout the guests’ stay, the owner and family make a great effort to make them feel at home.


You can fulfil your aspirations in Kerala. It’s a paradise on earth and the ideal getaway from your hectic schedule. We hope this post has provided you insight into the top places to visit in Kerala if you are considering a vacation there this summer. One of the best ones is Tree House Resorts in Kerala. You only need to reserve a cochin airport cab at this point to experience the breathtaking splendour of this earthly paradise